This is the top 10 of cool s tuffs


10. StagesEdit

  In this mod every stage have changed its look.
SnapCrab Plants vs Zombies 2012-5-24 17-47-42 No-00

Night roof

9.Sunflower TrophyEdit

 Wich is now a tower of heads of zombies.
SnapCrab NoName 2012-5-24 17-22-55 No-00

Sunflower trophy

8-7. Fancy plantsEdit

6.Tombstones and nutsEdit

      They are now vice versa.
SnapCrab Plants vs Zombies 2012-5-24 17-39-32 No-00

Whack a zombie hacked so I can put tombstones

5. Zombified tree of wisdom.Edit

     The tree of wisdom have now zombie parts.

4.Rockers and DietallicaEdit

    In this mod the zombies are replaced with undead-rockers. Dietallica is a rock zombie band that have just one single - Enter Zombi-man - that's a parody of Metallica's Enter Sandman.
    Also Mj is parodyated with THIS IS BRAIN! but Mj is not Michael Jackson (MJ).
SnapCrab Plants vs Zombies 2012-5-24 17-26-52 No-00

3. Dr. Zomboss's ZamboniEdit

    Dr. Zomboss's Rv is replaced with a zamboni.
SnapCrab NoName 2012-5-24 17-48-58 No-00

2. Icy plasma and its featuresEdit

        The pool is now an Icy Plasma pool ans some of plasmatic plants are having now a more icy look. Also the seaweed is now made from ice cristals or cubes.
SnapCrab Plants vs Zombies 2012-5-24 17-37-19 No-00


1. Compiled renamesEdit

       This refers to the start screen or the reaparition of MJ in this mod.

0. My choise - The "FUTURE" modeEdit

       In PvZ MASHED the sunglases are replaced with face expresions.
SnapCrab Plants vs Zombies 2012-5-24 18-41-55 No-00