The Deadly Almanac



A totally new revamped version of PvZ, with it's own style and features, including a new almanac, more gibberish from Crazy Dave, different equipment used in the garden plus new "deadly" plants. Or are they?

The Deadly AlmanacEdit

How about something new with the almanac? Well, what is there better than a almanac that's blue? The coding and the sprite for the almanac is currently finished, and really, it's the only thing that is finished.

Darth VadarEdit

Darth Vadar

Darth Vadar! Goodbye boring peashooter!

Darth Vadar? Isn't he that guy who's evil and fights with a red lightsaber? Well, maybe in star wars, but not in this game baby! Instead, he's going to shoot lasers at zombies! He replaces the PeaShooter and performs in mainly the same way, oh yeah he may shoot lasers instead, but that doesn't matter much right...?

Look at his beautiful helmet! Other than that he's pretty much peashooter like. Oh, apart from those dazzling thorns he has. How deadly...

Almanac DescriptionEdit

Darth Vadar got a little bored of playing battleships in Star Wars, especially since he died. Now he prefers to be planted on a lawn shooting lasers at zombies.

Modded PartsEdit

The modded parts is the head, the mouth and the leaves. Nothing else is modded so you can still recognise that it is a Peashooter.


Uhh... WHAT?!? Let me yell you something, when I was making this me and a

Yoda! Wait... WHAT.

mate were cracking up. Yeah he's a bit weird, but he still helps you produce more... uhh... force. Ahhh! So now you now what Yoda does when he's not busy helping people to use the force.

" Oh my god, it looks like a Star Wars Trollface. "



These are Clones! Better than any old threepeater!

Now, what can turn a threepeater into something to do with Darth Vadar? Well, I can't make another Darth Vadar, but I can another Stars Wars related thing that that's the Clones! They shoot lasers in three lanes and they really are sexy beasts!