Name Plants featured CowKO vs Zombies
Creator Dragos CowKO Ilies (facebook the same)
Afects Almanac(LawnStrings), reanim & images folders
Moded Plants, Dr. Zomboss, Almanac, Areas, Crazy Dave
Language Ro (sorry)
Cost Free (also need the .exe file)
Done 100%
524729 315885488483933 312889745450174 749714 1979347380 n
The top of PfCvZ's characters: 1.CowKO, 2.Dr. Zomper(KoKo), 3.Hell-come-fromer,4.Shaorma Mister, 5.Egg-pult,6.Iced egg-pult,7.Gainator de gheata,8.Big CowKO,9.Megafulgator,10.TBF...

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