Angry Birds Mod PvZ Mods:


Peashooter: Red Bird Slingshot

Threepeater: Blue Bird Slingshot

Repeater: Yellow Bird Slingshot

Cherry Bomb: Black Bird Bomb

Squash: Fat Bird

Cob Cannon: Egg Launcher

Melon-pult: Fat Bird-pult

Kernel-pult: White Bird-pult

Cabbage-pult: Red Bird-pult

Potato Mine: Egg Mine

Snow Pea: Pink Bird Slingshot (Click to Bubble Snow to aim shoot bubbles pink-colors)

Gatling Pea: Soilder Red Bird Slingshot

Ice Shroom: Ice Bird (Angry Birds Space)

Doom-shroom Orange Bird (Ham 'o' ween)

Cactus: Green Bird Slingshot

Cattail: Hal Bird (Shoot Aim)

Starfruit: Egg

Lily Pad: Nest

Winter Melon: Winter Fat Bird


Zombie: Pig (A Green Color)

Conehead: Hard Hat Pig

Buckethead: Helmet Pig

Imp: Minion Pig

Digger: Mining Pig

JITB: Cake Pig (The Cake is Lie....)

Ducky Tube: Rubber Duck Pig

Gargantuar: Mustache Pig

Dr. Zomboss: King Pig

Yeti Zombie: Evil Pig


Crazy Dave: Crazy Piggy

Coins: Piggy Money

After-level Trophy: 3 Stars

Silver Sunflower Trophy: Silver 3 Stars

Gold Sunflower Trophy: Gold 3 Stars

Download This Link:

Thank you!

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